Sunday, February 07, 2010

Discussing the Flood in Sunday School

My experience today in Sunday School confirms the accuracy of this statement about the Flood:

"What have LDS prophets and apostles taught about the Flood? To date, all seem to have accepted Noah as an historical personage [and] uniformly there seems to be a tacit assumption that [the Flood] was universal. Usually it is treated as a miracle to be accepted without further analysis." (Duane Jeffery, Sunstone, October 2004, 36; emphasis added.)

My own Sunday School teacher affirmed a universal Flood.

One class member brought up the idea that the Flood was earth's baptism by immersion (incidentally, this idea is found in the Church's Guide to the Scriptures). The only response was from another class member who mentioned earth's impending baptism by fire and the Holy Ghost.

Gen. 7:21-23 about the destruction of "all flesh" was read aloud and the only question was whether anyone knows how many people died.

Most of the lesson time was used discussing how we can live worthily today and avoid the evils of our own world.

Fortunate indeed are those millions of Latter-day Saints who were taught faithfully today about the Flood from the scriptures and from the manual.

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