Saturday, February 27, 2016

NDBF in the March 2016 Ensign

An article featured in the March 2016 Ensign consists entirely of excerpts from Bruce R. McConkie's last (April 1985) general conference talk. Bearing apostolic witness of the Savior, McConkie teaches the doctrine of NDBF (no death before the Fall):

"We must cast aside the philosophies of men and the wisdom of the wise and hearken to that Spirit which is given to us to guide us into all truth....

"In Eden we will see all things created in a paradisiacal state—without death, without procreation, without probationary experiences.

"We will come to know that such a creation, now unknown to man, was the only way to provide for the Fall.

"We will then see Adam and Eve, the first man and the first woman, step down from their state of immortal and paradisiacal glory to become the first mortal flesh on earth.

"Mortality, including as it does procreation and death, will enter the world. And because of transgression a probationary estate of trial and testing will begin....

"Thus, Creation is father to the Fall; and by the Fall came mortality and death; and by Christ came immortality and eternal life.

"If there had been no Fall of Adam, by which cometh death, there could have been no Atonement of Christ, by which cometh life." (Ensign, March 2016.)

Occasionally we hear rumors that the Church is backing away from NDBF teachings. The March 2016 Ensign refutes this unfounded rumor.

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